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"We The People"

New Social Consciousness in a Troubled World

" The goal of man and society should be human independence: a concern not with image of popularity but with finding a meaning in life that is personally authentic: a quality of mind not compulsively driven by a sense of powerlessness, nor one which unthinkingly adopts status values, nor one which represses all threats to its habits, but one which has full, spontaneous access to present and past experiences, one which easily unites the fragmented parts of personal history, one which openly faces problems which are troubling and unresolved: one with an intuitive awareness of possibilities, an active sense of curiosity, an ability and willingness to learn."
- The Port Huron Statement, 1962

The Executive and Legislative branches were created to enact laws and protect the interests of the people. The Judicial branch stands as final arbiter, and is created through nominations by the other two. Each of these three branches are utterly worthless, and indeed profoundly dangerous, without the active involvement of the People. We are the fourth branch of government, the owners of the democracy, and we have been terribly remiss in our duties.

All of the problems that afflict us and sap our strength stem from the fact that this fourth branch of democratic government has been absent from the equation. There are reasons and reasons again for this dereliction of duty, too many to list here. This state of affairs must be reversed, and we seek to undertake the formulation of that change.

Come Wind, Come Weather...

"Beware the Ides of March!"

Unfortunately, we were not able to gather the permits for our March Protest in Washington D.C. We are revamping this web site to coinside with a national flyer campaign in partnership with The Alliance For Democracy. Stay tuned.


I. Preamble: We The People – New social consciousness in a troubled world

II. The Port Huron Statement – Participatory Democracy 40 Years Later

III. Defending the Essence – The Constitution under attack

  • Understanding the PATRIOT Act
  • Understanding the TIPS Program
  • Destroying Freedom to Save Freedom

IV. The Return of the Robber Barons

  • Understanding the current state of the economy
  • The murder by inches of functional capitalism
  • A roll call of criminals

V. War Without End

  • A rudderless global conflict with no end in sight
  • The promulgation of fear as a political tool

VI. Conclusion


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